Doesn’t your furry best friend deserve a massage too?
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Doesn’t your furry best friend deserve a massage too?

Do you ever stay up at night thinking of your best ideas? I do. What happens when one of your best ideas somehow is matching another person’s great idea, and you don’t even know them? I like to think a little magic is involved.

I was past my bedtime (ok it is pretty early) and a person, I don’t know but who I admire for their massage work with dogs that I share posts on Facebook, comes to mind. This person, now my friend, is Alain Girouard. He is a certified canine massage therapist.  He helps boost dogs’ well-being.  Specifically, canine massage therapy is a form of alternative therapy.  Some areas that may help your dog are to increase relaxation, more oxygenation, and especially great for older dogs, relief from pain and improved joint flexibility. It can also really help your pup’s immune system. Sound like a human massage? It sure did to me.

I reached out to Alain and thought I was pitching a great idea…for us to offer a dual service, human massage, and canine massage. But as the saying goes, great minds think alike! He was planning on reaching out to me with the same idea, true story!

Our best fury friends deserve TLC too!

– Sandra Racicot

When I met Alain in person, I knew we were kindred spirits, very committed to our professions and always taking advanced classes to be the best we can for our clients. I was impressed by the amount of training a certified canine massage therapist has, just like a traditional certified massage therapist. It is quite amazing. Alain is so generous and such a huge supporter for animal rescues; when we go to a client as a duo, he does not charge but instead asks for a donation to his favorite dog rescue or one of the client’s choice.

We have accomplished our first human and dog massage. It went so super well that we have been asked back! Both Izzy the little dachshund darling and her Mom Trish were super relaxed after the visit, and Trish appreciated how Alain followed up with some great training tips for Izzy. We find it such a beautiful pairing for the right customer, and we look forward to many more great visits, leaving doggy and their human a lot more Zen than when we arrived!