Hello…it’s been a while…I have a lot to say!
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Hello…it’s been a while…I have a lot to say!

2020. It’s almost over and we will never be the same. I have a lot to say and forgive me if my next blogs are all a bit in the style of stream-of-consciousness but that is the mood I’m in. I need to get it all out. All the things I’ve had moments of “ahas”. And what better a place than a blog on a website I have been ignoring lately; very little threat of too many people reading this.

In the last nine months, I’ve managed to close my massage studio, change to mobile massage, add some massage in my backyard in the summer, open a home studio, and start massaging at a local studio, the very beautiful Satori Studio. Let’s say I’ve done everything to stay in business. I gave up a very good corporate job to pursue a new passion. I love being a massage therapist, and I would be darned if a virus was going to crush my dreams.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

– Anatole France

And you know what…I wouldn’t change a thing. I have met so many amazing people that with these changes, I might not have. It made me dig deep, ask for help, fall a few times along the way. I’ve never felt more alive. Here are a few new things I did:

  1. I joined a lovely online class to discover my inner creativity with Om Creative by Mariel
  2. I became a vendor of some wonderful products from Biolonreco, distributors of so many wonderful natural products and essential oils.
  3. I truly invested in my health and wellness Arbonne Independent Consultant business.
  4. I enrolled in advanced massage classes with l’Académie de Massage et d’Orthothérapie . The courses are all in french, which is not my first language. It has been an excellent brain and body workout!
  5. I gained an appreciation for my own health. I started a Facebook private group called Accountability Buddies. It’s a no promo zone, only there to have women encourage each other, regardless of their goals or methods to improve their health. This group has helped me push myself for better health on days that I hardly wanted to get out of bed.
  6. I volunteered as a sector leader for a local buddy program that matches lonely seniors with volunteers who call them, just for a little chat to ease the feeling of isolation at this time. Also, joined a group that is working on achieving the status of “Age-Friendly” community for our small town of Hudson, Quebec. I have returned to volunteer for our local palliative care. With Covid, it’s not appropriate to massage any patients or family members as my volunteer service, so I’ve changed to the reception. I continued with my role on the Board of Directors at Greenwood Centre of Living History, but took on a more active role, organizing bakers and baking events.


Would I have been this active at another time? Maybe not? All I know is that I’m better for the challenges, but I pray that the Covid-19 vaccine will be so successful because we cannot lose more valued people. I’m happy I was able to help my clients achieve some relaxation in these stressful times, but I certainly will experience prayers answered if the suffering stops. But I have learned that I am more resilient and resourceful than I had imagined, and these lessons have changed things for me for the better.