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Unique Massage

Massage Locations

No one massage is like another. I customize each massage to help my clients improve their physical and mental well-being.

– Sandy Racicot-Day

Unique Massage

The wonder of receiving and giving a massage is that both the therapist and person receiving a massage will each have a unique experience! My base in training is with the wonderful school in Montreal, Kine Concept. There I did my initial formation in Kinetic Swedish Massage. As a practitioner, I learned to be a specialized health technician who executes a series of massage techniques adapted to the muscular attachments as well as the tendons and the muscles. The goal of this intervention is to obtain a greater muscular relaxation and to promote a greater amplitude of joint movement; hence the term <kinetic> which means movement. I also took a course in chair massage and end-of-life massage (ethereal massage) which opened up a whole new way of offering massage.


I have also been taking 600 hours of advanced training with L’academie de Massage et d’Orthotherapie located in Gatineau, called Masso 2 (only a few hours to go for my certificate!) The training includes the following: advanced anatomy/physiology, Thai body massage, Thai head and neck massage, Californian massage, Lomi-lomi massage, hot-stone massage, Thai chair massage, prenatal massage, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue massage, myofascial stretching and trigger points, aromatherapy, nutrition & body scrubs (exfoliation, etc.).


All these methods have helped me build an amazing tool kit to offer customized massage according to the needs of my client. So when you come for a “Swedish massage” or “chair massage” or “hot stone” or “prenatal massage”, I’m also, when appropriate, incorporating all I have been formally instructed in. The massage is as unique as each client. I look forward to partnering with you for your betterment.¬†

Massage Locations

As much as I love giving a variety using different massage techniques, I also enjoy massaging in different locations.


Home Studio:


My home studio is located in Hudson, Quebec. Being in the country brings a whole new sense of relaxation with nature all around. In the summer I offer outside massage by my backyard waterfall and it’s so relaxing. I also have a studio indoors, which is tranquil but I do love and have pets, a dog and a cat. So, if you have allergies or are not a fan of my furry friends, probably best to choose one of the other options.


Mobile Massage:


Nothing can feel as luxurious as a home massage! I offer it at the same price as other locations because it’s a pleasure for me to be welcomed into your home. I bring all the needed accessories to make it a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.


Satori Studio:


Located in the heart of Hudson, Quebec, I love offering massages at the beautiful Satori Studio. Business partners Olivia Bowen and Veronica Butler have been so awesome to me, welcoming me into their space where I offer massage Thursday afternoon into evening and Sundays. They also offer other services such as reflexology, IPL and facials, RTT, and Polarity treatments so we can always offer a full spa day if you choose to!

To book with Sandy, please note that massage services in studio are in Hudson, Quebec and mobile massage reach is within 30 minutes of Hudson, Quebec.

For mobile massage or from Sandy’s home studio:

For massage with Sandy at Satori studio:

For Diffusion Oil: