Change is sometimes not just necessary…but an exciting new path!
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Change is sometimes not just necessary…but an exciting new path!

Have you ever worried about making a change to your business? I don’t know many who haven’t. I certainly did when I decided to change from a commercially leased massage studio to a mobile massage business. To quote Plato, “necessity is the mother of invention”. With the pandemic of 2020, the ability to change the way you do business is essential because nothing works as it did before. With some worries, but a feeling of hope that I could still continue my massage business, I went for a change to make my business continue to thrive.

I had to ensure that my clients were as safe as possible when we were allowed to continue doing business in June. My association is wonderful, Le Réseau des massothérapeutes professionnels du Québec, and helped us prepare to ensure we were compliant. However, there were other considerations to change my business to mobile. Such as, choosing a light massage table. Boutique Mado carries a great one weighing only 24 lbs, made with aluminum. It’s well-made and saves me from developing backaches from carrying a heavy table. If you are a massage therapist and considering going for mobile massage work, plan to travel as light as possible!

I absolutely love my membership with Square technology. It allows me to take payments by the portable terminal or simply invoice when I return home. That way, the client stays zen and deals with payment later. New technologies have certainly helped the way we are doing business, increasing flexibility and ease of work. I also use their Square’s scheduling tool, and I’m still exploring other options.

I am grateful for my loyal clients!

– Sandra Racicot

My clients are the best. After contacting them and explaining the changes, most were excited to try mobile massage and they love it. This is a sample of some feedback I have received from my customers:

  • It’s so relaxing to go from my PJs to the massage table
  • It is such a great luxury to have a massage at home
  • I love not having to get back in my car and drive home after a massage
  • I love that you bring the essential oil diffuser and music to turn my home into a spa


It’s so rewarding to have made a major change that has not only worked out but also provides amazing adventures from home to home. I get to meet new people in their family, their pets, be invited into their lovely homes. So next time change comes knocking at your door, let it in, it may just be that next best thing that you need in your life!

Here were a few inspirations I listened to in times of doubt to pump myself up for the change on Audible:

  1. Rachel Harris, “Girl, Stop Apologizing”
  2. Mel Robbins, “Take Control of Your Life”


I continue to read/listen looking for inspiration to improve myself, and I hope this has inspired you to get out of your current comfort zone and challenge yourself to do what needs to get done to really turn on the heat for whatever career you are pursuing.  I would love to hear from you and be a partner in your journey and thanks for reading a bit about mine. To be continued!